Stay Connected with the<br> Sony VAIO Lifestyle PC

For seriously on-the-go people, lugging around a bulky laptop can leave your shoulder feeling like it just participated in a rugby match -- and like most Americans, your shoulder doesn't even like rugby. Ditch the beast and grab the Sony VAIO Lifestyle PC, the world's lightest 8" notebook. It's loaded with features, starting with Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband Built-In, so you'll never need a separate wireless card to stay connected. That way, you can take your IM, email, current events, business news and sports updates with you anywhere, anytime. Additionally, you'll get on-the-go features like turn-by-turn GPS navigation, real-time location tracking, and point-of-interest searches stretching for 50 miles; because unattractiveness can cause computers to have self-esteem issues, the Lifestyle also comes in slick colors like Emerald Green and Onyx Black, about which people will say, "Slam! That is a handsome notebook." For a taste of the Lifestyle, check out the clip above, starring the Verizon Guy, Justin Timberlake, an attractive Julia Allison, and a dancing Peyton Manning. When they say Peyton Manning's "dancing around in the pocket", this video is not what they're describing.