Socks that're actually cool

It's said that through his clothes you can tell a lot about a man, which helps to explain why your socks are so baggy and white. And hairy. Put a little color on your feet (and in your soul!) with Stance.

From the minds of a crew of skate design/gear vets from companies like Skullcandy and Reef, Stance is a just-launched concern that teams up w/ artists to design legitimately cool, expressive and unusual socks, aka nothing thrown by Don Flamenco. Ultra-insane options include an intricate, black and white weaved pattern from deck designer Don Pendelton; a hairy, redheaded shin-guy on the "Sun God", and a full-sock size geisha girl who's mid-stab called "Wild East", also the sequel to Will Smith's western classic in which he moves to Marvin Harrison's block in Philly. If you have to, you know, work they also have some slightly less insane numbers, like the wide-striped navy/orange "Mariner", the angly-checkered "Blockhead", and the Scottish-looking "Gnargyle", which's calf-high, rather than C-Lo.

In addition, they've also got socks with extra cushioning and grip on the bottom for actual athletic performance, and're selling some in mismatched sets, e.g. you and anyone with a tan.