There are many reasons to drop out of college, most of which involve selling Kirby vacuum cleaners...seriously, with a little elbow grease, you can become a regional sales manager in no time! For two guys who opted to make sweats instead of unethical sales pitches to elderly people, check out UNCL.

UNCL is a just-dropping, ultra-basic, ultra-comfy line of sweats, hoodies, and tees, started by two former USC football players who've decided to "take a semester off" to "pursue their business" -- so, see you on Madden Online at 4am! Each item's logo'd up w/ just the brand's cursive "U", with the main focus being on the pants, which are made of a super-soft cotton/poly/rayon blend and come in either soon-to-be released charcoal or heather grey, since Sasha Grey needs to be both pre-washed and tested. In addition, they've got similarly soft 50/50 white tees, and two options of hoodies: a standard, thicker cotton blend and the extremely lightweight, pima cotton "House Hoodie", also Hugh Laurie's guest appearance as Bodie's cousin on The Wire.

In the future they're planning to extend the line with more colors and styles, and though the duo's puttin' it all into the business now, they claim they're going to go back to school in Spring, or as the management at Kirby calls it, "Prime old people scaring time".