Beautiful/Decay Pillows

Most people think their apartment's art can only be displayed on a wall, but "Bought some art" has long since stopped getting likes on your Facebook profile. For a much more creatively comfortable use of art, check out pillows (yes, pillows) from Beautiful/Decay.Just launched from the local magaziners-turned-tee-makers, B/D's pillows are surprisingly awesome/non-girlish, and all decked with gripping, bad ass art curated by the company's artistic gurus, and made from the same ultra-soft proprietary blend as their shirts, with removable cases -- so, at least something's coming off in your bed. Among the awesome:Africa: From a woman obsessed w/ both French art nouveau and Japanese scrolls comes this surrealist scene w/ angly-looking graphics of a man chasing a woman through a thicket teeming w/ giraffes, cheetahs, and at least a few other animals, en Toto.Caliph: An LA-based graphic artist's comic-book-esque scene of a soaring Skeletor-like figure about to get destroyed mid-flight, a move strongly advocated by JetBlue's Steven Slater. Barf: A 3-D rendering of a skull expelling mummies and bat-winged cats, which are better than dark-winged cats, since those are actually ducks. And suck. Other designs include the anime-ish "Dragon," the warrior-princessed "Native America", and "B/D Or Die", a logoe'd-up melange of colors and shapes, which you should feel right at home with, as that's exactly what your "friends" are.