Rue De Jeans

Jeans've got a ton of functional qualities: they're durable, can be worn with anything, and -- when Grey -- have weird telepathic and kinetic powers that're almost as important as the fact that she's a total biscuit. Now adding a little give as you get fatter, Rue De Jeans.RDJ's a formerly girls-only denim company that's just expanded into a men's line this season, with a very specific feature that sets them apart: just behind the subtle black-on-black logo on the back of the jeans is a patent-pending elastic piece that, if necessary, can add another two inches to the jeans' waist -- the opposite of certain weight loss system claims... in that it's true. Each pair of dungarees is made of both Italian and Japanese denim, with a wide variety of styles including a bootcut charcoal "dark", a distressed slim-fitting "Rustic", and the straight-leg "Dirty Vintage", aka the bargain bin at Goodwill. And if jeans aren't your thing, they've also got elastic'd cargo pants featuring two zippered front-thigh pockets in either "vintage khaki" or army green, which is nothing compared to what those Marine dudes make...five figures, son!!! On Dec 1st, they'll ship to a bunch more stores, but for now, they're just at Traffic, which is where you often sit, wishing Famke Janssen would Give You Some Lovin.