Fix everything and keep up your pants

The ability to be used for multiple tasks has always been a valued quality in a belt, especially its ability to teach you lessons about doing your chores quickly without giving any lip. For myriad functions that'll still allow you to sit down, check 686 Belts.

From the longtime local skate/surf/ski company, 686 is a line of looped radness, each of which contains a hidden Swiss Army-knife-like usable tool, though it's probably not quite accurate to call Jim Varney "Swiss Army-knife-like". Each piece looks like a normal belt, but features a buckle that's got two latches, one that ends in a Phillips head screwdriver, the other a flathead, and a buckle-cover that's also a bottle opener; in addition, there's a removable brushed-nickel loop that contains 3 different wrench heads: both an 11mm and 10mm as well as one that's 8mm, which'll help you get out of a Cage in the Nic of time. As far as styles go, there's a basic full-grain, waterproof leather (in black, brown, and white), as well as the "Rocker" (w/ large studs throughout), and the brown, more-subtle "Small Stud", which Kevin Connolly applied for the role of, before he realized it was just the name of a belt.

If having tools on hand waist just isn't your thing, 686's also got a basic belt w/ their logo as the buckle, as well as two reversible options: the bright colored "Multi", and the marbled "Flight", also a natural response when you've learned just about enough lessons.