Sundance Cheatsheet

Eat: The Viking Yurt4000 Canyons Resort Drive; 435.615.YURT (9878) Thevikingyurt.comInstead of waiting for a cramped, double-booked table at Wahso, hop in a sleigh and head up the mountain to kick it Genghis-style. Sitting warmly inside, you and up to 32 henchmen'll feast on a prix fixe meal fit for a Khan, vaguely wondering why in the hell this Mongol-styled tent is named after Vikings. Drink: Utah State Government Alcoholic Beverage Control Liquor Store #381550 Snowcreek Drive; 435.649.3293What this warehouse lacks in whimsical nomenclature it more than makes up for in its ability to navigate Utah's draconian liquor laws. The newest and least crowded of only three spots in Park City selling proper hooch, #38's a crucial resource because you are legally allowed to BYOB anywhere you eat. Look for non-Utah deals on beer, on up to $1444.95 for PC's only bottle of 1968 Bowmore Islay Single Malt -- a figure equivalent to the production costs of the indie flick whose awfulness will force you to down your scotch hunched unhappily in your seat. Do: Red Pine Adventures2050 White Pine Canyon; 800.417.7669 / 435.6499445Redpinetours.comAfter days drowsing through over-dialogued drivel, you'll be itching for a thrill. Call Red Pine and take a two-hour snowmobile tour -- high-speeding through mountain trails and donutting on open meadows on the company's private reserve. Runs start at the top of every odd hour from 9am-3pm, but for the real deal call and ask for the after-dark tour: bring whiskey and a grenade and it'll be better than a secret screening of Die Hard 4. Watch: Doolan's Sports Bar and Grill738 Main Street; 435.649.0888It's Sunday the 21st, you're hungover from last night's MySpace/iVillage/eSloganry party, and your divey hotel's 13-inch screen won't do the AFC/NFC championships justice. Head to Doolan's and recover hair-of the-dog-style with full-strength bottled beer and BBQ-saucy Cowboy Burgers. Check out the games on one (or, if you have compound eyes, all) of the bar's two dozen screens, including the only 108" in town, which will quickly become your best friend -- until Google acquires it as