Tank Theory

A lot of things start in Boston, from the Revolutionary war, to the part of the NBA Finals where Kevin Garnett hacks Andrew Bynum then has a five minute conversation with the padded base of the hoop. Also building off its Beantown start, Tank Theory's latest tees.TT's a SoCal-based tees-and-more brand (originally started by two dudes at Boston College before heading west), dedicated to getting sweet, original art on tees, with an emphasis on options and diversity, like a sartorial Vassar, but with a way less intense athletic rivalry with Brandeis. Tees are all made in-house, with artist collabs including a sick floral battle ax number called "Holy War", a Cali guy's "Necro Priest" that kind of looks like an Incan version of the Powell-Peralta logo, and "Fab Five Freddy," which has a Philly guy reimagining Kreuger as an old-school rapper, and potential host of Yo! MTV: You're Dead. Tees they've arted themselves include a dozen just-dropped options like "Professor TT," a cartoonish, big-headed dude presiding over a pile of skulls and holding lightning bolts; "Police Brutality," featuring a SWAT-ted up hot cop aiming her revolver, and "Ransom", which features a front made up of a cut out, collage-style note from TT, which Mel Gibson already read and rejected, despite the chick from Tin Cup's strenuous objections. They've also got a bunch of belt buckles available now, as well as -- come Fall -- button ups and outerwear, which are good things to wear in Boston, since they actually have that season.