Grub from the <em>whole</em> South

Some things just belong together: peanut butter and jelly, Han and Chewie, Jessica Alba and you, if only she'd accept your LinkedIn request -- all of which pale in comparison to BBQ and vinyl. Get 'em both, at Territory, open softly now and grandly on Friday

A repurposed Mexican-tiled house with a random light-towerish facade and back-porch patio seating serving up all sorts of BBQ'd meat and old-school vinyl, Territory's hatched by an ex-indie-rock singer from the band Bad Wizard, and his former record label head who said "BBQ and records: now that's magic!". The tidy counter-service menu's tri-regional, with straight-up-Southern like cornmeal-fried catfish and two-day-brined chicken alongside North Carolina-style spiced pulled pork shoulder, Texas-style brisket, and weekend-only pork ribs (all smoked for 8+ hours), with sides including homemade mac 'n cheese, collared greens, and baked beans, proving anyone can get one of those prescriptions. Just next door's a tiny room stacked with used and newly reissued vinyl, curated according to the owners' eclectic and obscure tastes; selections include Fela Kuti drummer Tony Allen, 350lb 70s soul man Baby Huey, and classic hip-hoppers Organized Konfusion, whose hit single "Who Stole My Last Piece of Chicken?" was clearly directed at Baby Huey

Territory's planning on expanding to an even bigger patio in the future, and is also hoping to soon start serving alcohol, 'cause there's nothing that goes together more naturally than booze and...anything.