Never get a ticket again (if you live in the right radius)

The worst part of any day is waking up only to find a ticket on your car -- well, that, and realizing that car is a Cimarron. Making at least part of your day brighter, a Cimarron with a spoiler Ticket Angels

Ticket Angels is a small-time Santa Monica operation started by two dudes who met in their apt-building courtyard, when one warned the other that he was in danger of getting a street-cleaning ticket; after the initial rescue, they decided to start a biz doing the same for others, making them modern-day superheroes, just not Alpha Flight cuz they're from Canada. Signing up for a year for two cars costs less than a single ticket would: once you're registered, they'll give you a window decal to identify your auto and add your street-cleaning days to their database, they then prowl the streets on their ill Vespas to see if you've messed up; if you're within an hour of getting a ticket, they'll inform you with your choice of phone call, text message, or door knock -- though no word on whether it can be "shave and a haircut, two bits". Though they haven't had to put it into effect, they've also got a guarantee that if they somehow miss your car, they'll pay your ticket, unless it's the Big Ticket, in which case you're stuck with $24.75 million.

For now, they've got about half of Santa Monica covered, though they're planning on soon expanding to the whole of SaMo and the rest of LA, as well as tackling parking meters too, which doesn't really apply to you, since a man with a Cimarron parks where he wants.