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Tiki Farm

The urge to steal a keepsake at a tiki bar is high, because the drinkware is so cool and unique, and crap, man, you're drunk. Get those bar-caliber goods legally, at Tiki Farm

Based in San Clemente, Tiki Farm's a mugs 'n more company that for nearly a decade's been hand-sculpting and glazing badass barware for joints like Trader Vic's and the House of Blues as well as more random peeps like Mattel, and Emeril...yay? A schton of high-quality ceramic mugs're available, including overstock from some of their more-famous clients (black & white Trader Vics tumblers, etc) and outlandish originals like the multi-hued, cannibalistic-feeling "Jivaro Shrunken Head", "Mort," made to resemble a 50-year-old-bowler, and "P.I." -- a replica of Tom Selleck's upper body, meaning they've mercifully left out his Magnum. In addition to mugs, TF also offers assorted accoutrement, including shot glasses (a monkey Elvis; a sunglass'd "Tikinator"), a fez-topped rum decanter, and even a full outside bar w/ two frond-topped padded stools, a fake-bamboo facade with a glowing tiki face, and a matching themed backdrop -- because if you don't go the extra mile, tiki drinking can seem cheesy.

In addition to the stuff available on the site, Tiki Farm also does custom orders, and'll make whatever you like, from replications of animals (they've done frogs!) to your own face, which you may think is cool and unique but that's only because you're wasted.