Second-hand goods and zero Swedish meatballs

Rifling through a yard sale for unexpected treasures can be a thrill, but who wants to drive all the way to Cerritos just to find that they don't even have Little Monsters on Laser Disc?? Snag the trove without the hunt, at TINI

TINI is the just-opened storefront for This Is Not Ikea, a formerly online-only business specializing in re-selling the best/coolest/most obscure stuff from hundreds of SoCal yard, garage, and estate sales at economical prices, all by a Honduran/Mexican expat musician inspired to start the business when his father cut his cashflow off, crippling his copyright infringement defense against a certain Swedish furniture manufacturer. The store's arranged floor-to-ceiling, with much of the gear in like-minded literal piles ranging from mid-century retro furniture (a modular, '60s-era white chair with a circular tulip base, yellow vinyl two-cushion couches, etc) to a crazy range of art/framed prints (Elvis, a print of a kid eating a sandwich above the words "You Don't Have to Be Jewish to Love Levy's") even 23 different styles of pillows and bedding, because nothing says "good night's sleep" like shaky knowledge of a previous owner's bedroom habits. There's also a slew of other choice kitsch, including an orange steel flask, a mint-condition plastic Michael Jackson record player, and an unused 12-pack of condoms with a come-hither 80's-era picture of Madonna's face on the box, who knew the Material Girl would be lambskin?

Of course, they've got a wide range of other stuff (ashtrays, ceiling lights, magazine racks, etc) and're constantly getting new pieces, plus almost everything in-store is also available on-line -- where they'll face steep competition from the Net's expected treasures, which you'll furtively minimize the moment someone walks in the room.