A new ultra-lounge from one-half of a classic nightlife duo

History's filled with all-star duos breaking up to pursue success on their own terms: Shaq left Kobe so he could do his own thing with the Heat, and Corey Haim left Corey Feldman so he could do his own thing with the Drugs. For a joint from an all-star club vet now headlining his own team, hit Trousdale.

Opening up tomorrow, Trousdale's a super-posh ultra lounge, from a newcomer nicknamed "the Kid" as well as several club and nightlife vets: the dude from Guy's, one of the girls behind Hyde, and notorious club-man Brent Bolthouse, who's doing his own thing for the first time since parting with SBE's Sam Nazarian, whose name alone strikes fear into the hearts of... proofreaders everywhere. The inside's appropriately plush: the main room's got silver-toned leather banquettes, black-marble columns, a mid-room DJ stand, and dark, exposed piping, while the smaller back area boasts a massive pool table, tufted walls, and a fine-art print of an automatic rifle, notably painted by Andy War-Haul. As far as libations go, they've got a fresh-ingredient'd cocktail list and beers, as well as dolled-up comfort food and small plates from a top caterer who's done work w/ Louis Vuitton; options include sesame wasabi ahi tartar w/ ginger on a taro-root chip, mini grilled Gruyere cheese sandwiches w/ Worcestershire sauce, and a garlic/rosemary crusted New Zealand lamb chop, which Shari Lewis uses to teach kids about bad breath.

The bar's only open three days a week: Friday, Saturday, and also Tuesday, which's perfect since those are the only days of the week that Corey gets ripped up, aside from all the other days.