Food & Drink

Upper West

Bringing in a crack international team can be a huge boon to your chances for success, assuming you can adapt to Don Cheadle's faux Cockney accent. Proving it: Upper West.

Upper West's a loft-like, open kitchened bistro w/ a huge patio, serving up dolled-up versions of American classics and helmed by a team that's been in charge of restaurants the world over, from Miami, to Tel Aviv, to, yes, even Fort Worth, Texas. Most of the food's comfortably classic: a meatloaf sandwich w/ black olive tomato sauce, watercress, and Fontina cheese on a Cuban roll; "Shells & Cheese" w/ Asiago, goat cheese, Irish white cheddar, mozzarella, fresh tarragon and a crunchy Parmesan crust; and a smoked-bacon slaw abetted sirloin steak w/ a bourbon balsamic demi-glaze so alluring it'll make you all but forget she's like, ew, 60. Of course they've also got international options including ahi tacos w/ orange-chipotle vinaigrette & jicama-cucumber salsa inside fried plantain leaves; crepes featuring either braised oxtail w/ crunchy Russett potato or madras curry w/ garlic spinach, Israeli feta & lavender demi; and meatballs sided by carnarolli, roasted garlic soy sauce, almond-apricot gremolata, and edamame, which you should stay off of because Ed just got off yours.

On the staff're two award-winning mixologists, slinging drinks like the Honey Rye (Rye 1, Barenjager, orange bitters) and a spicy, beer-and-tequila concoction called The Pepperocini, the perfect culture-blending drink to fire up an international team, provided Brad Pitt will stop snacking for, like, two seconds.