V Australia's New <BR> LA Service

Flying an average airline is fine when you're headed someplace like, say, Fresno, except of course for the fact that you're actually headed someplace like Fresno. But a truly grand journey requires a similarly grand airline: V Australia, now serving LA to Sydney, with Brisbane and Melbourne coming in September.

Richard Branson's newest international airline, V's philosophy is simple: when flying across an ocean, your ride should provide style, sophistication, comfort, and a bit more entertainment than leafing through an in-flight catalog for the latest innovation in mutant blankets. The basics: Economy's ergonomically designed seats are the widest flying across the Pacific, with ludicrous legroom, a USB to power personal devices, Panasonic's touch-control RED system (loads of music, games, and on-demand movies on your personal next-gen screen), full breakfast & dinner, and a self-service snack kiosk -- allowing you to leisurely add heft to something else that's the widest in the Pacific. Bump yourself up to Premium Economy, and get a personal workstation with laptop power, all-inclusive food & beverage, and access to the plane's twin self-service bars -- gleaming, retro-futuristic stations where you can mingle with fascinating world travelers, informative Aussie natives, and that flawlessly attractive woman you're almost certainly guaranteed not to be seated next to, because God totally hates you. (PS: that woman's probably in the curtained off Row 5, the Business Class seats populated by models, actors and, when He travels by plane, God.)

Right now, Economy roundtrips are going for just $629. So grab a seat, and prepare to live extremely large -- because you're flying to Australia, not to a city whose airport code is FAT.