Valentine's Day, Now Playing

If you have a girlfriend, or want a girlfriend, or want somebody else's girlfriend, there's a strong-to-very-strong chance you'll be seeing a romantic comedy on or around Valentine's Day. Instead of screwing around with a bunch of movies that might or might not do the trick, cut to the chase, and take her to a movie you will actually enjoy too...Valentine's Day, a star-studded look at the cherished-or-dreaded holiday's highs and lows, now playing. Here's what's in it for you:

Actors who've starred in non-love-related movies you've liked: Bradley "You're the Sack" Cooper, Jamie "Versatile" Foxx, and Hector "I Have the Smoothest Name in All Hollywood" Elizondo.

Actresses for Every Taste: Jessica (Alba and Biel). Roberts (Emma and Julia). Anne Hathaway. Jennifer Garner. Taylor Swift. This movie has all of them, plus Shirley MacLaine, who at one point was so hot, she made Nikita Khrushchev blush during a state visit (seriously, there's a picture; he's red as a beet). Humorous discussions of sex: The erotic power of personal digital assistants. How to approach the subject of doing the nasty with your grandparents. And references to the greatest Belgian martial artist of all time (technically, this falls under the category "humorous discussions of things that are better than sex").

So that's the stuff. Check out the trailer above. Then grab more information at

Get out ahead on this one, and there's a very good chance that you'll make a girlfriend happy – yours, or someone else's.