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Screwing around on the Internet is a given -- and no matter how covert you are, considering your boss's own proficiency at screwing around online, getting busted's also a given. Unless you stay ahead in the Screwing Around on the Internet Race, with Vanishd

A free, LA- and SF-based service, Vanishd hides your unseemly website of choice behind a more SFW one -- so even if you're busted looking at, no one will know that you were actually looking at Just click the "Vanishd" icon at the top of your browser and input URLs for both windows, "cover" and "hidden"; the hidden window will be visible through a resizable, moveable aperture you can make more or less opaque, depending on whether you want to see TMZ pics clearly, or through an appropriately gauzy veil of guilt/CNN Finance. To make the window disappear, just right click or move your cursor off it; or lock the window down, and it'll stick 'til unlocked -- allowing you to perform other tasks without losing your 2nd screen, and completely defeating the purpose of having a window that saves your ass by instantly vanishing

Vanishd does offer a paid premium service that gives you password protection, and hides their logo from the top of your browser -- so when your boss inevitably catches up to your gambit, you'll still have one more trick up your sleeve. For like a week.