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The Wellesbourne

The U.S. has always had a complicated relationship with Britain, mostly stemming from their inhumane treatment of Wales. Why can't you just let them be?? Further complicating UK-USA relations, The Wellesbourne.

The Wellesbourne's a cocktail lounge from a German/Brit expat (and designed by the dude behind Tekila and Five0Four) mostly dedicated to the country that overestimated our love of stamp taxes, and featuring a 3000sqft, 3-room interior that feels like a British manor (albeit one w/ a 30ft mahogany bar); blimey touches like a Victorian fireplace, cottage windows, vintage foosball and shuffleboard tables, and antique, imported doors -- -- but be careful with them, as their age makes it easy to break on through to the other side. Specialty cocktails include grandfatherly favorites like a citrus/ cognac/cointreau "Sidecar"; the scotch/ sweet vermouth/ Angostura Bitters "Rob Roy"; and a rum/fruit juice "Planters Punch" -- which Mr. Peanut was forced to administer when he wasn't given enough legume in the backseat. Vittles come in January and will include traditional pub food like a cheddar-loaded Welsh Rarebit Muffin, a German flatbread w/ bacon and onions called the Flammkuchen, and the pastry/sausage Toad In The Hole, which can also happen if he tries the Choco Mountain shortcut without a mushroom booster.

They've also got 8 European beers on tap, including usual suspects like Boddingtons and Newcastle -- also what the Brits are going to need, if they don't heed America's advice and Free (Prince) Willy.

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