Casual, next-level bar eats, plus TONS of beer

Buddies often talk big about starting up a business, but how many of them ever get around to making those edible flutes? For two pals whose scheme actually came to life, check out West 4th/Jane.West 4th/Jane's a new casual two-story gastropub from chums who've been talking about opening a place together since high school; their vision's finally come alive, complete with a downstairs with a marble bar, faux-aged concrete walls, and a Ms. Pacman/Galaga tabletop, a quieter upstairs candlelit lounge with chocolate leather couches and antique coffee tables, and a menu stuffed full of next-level bar eats and 100+ beers. Brews break down geographically, including US (Abita Amber, Allagash White), Europe (Fuller's ESB, Hofbrau Munchen), apparently not-in-Europe Belgium (Duvel, Chimay Blue), Canada (Maudite, Blanc De Chambly), Mexico/Islands (Bohemia, Negro Modelo), Asia (Singha Lager, Hitachino White Ale), and "Cans", because no one wants to take the blame for Schlitz. Eats include snacks (tater tots w/ homemade ketchup), 8oz burgers w fries & thin-sliced onion straws, sandwiches like "The All-or-One Hangover Sandwich" (peppered turkey, salami, coppacola & fried egg), and breakfasty goods like bacon-crusted French toast and a burrito w/ black beans, egg, bacon, and potatoes, also available "X-mas Style" -- meaning drowning in green/red salsas and creme fraiche, not tears cause it didn't get a pony again.They'll also be hosting rotating exhibits from local artists, with openings on the first Tuesday of every month, complete with the free booze, bringing them considerably closer to their dream of one day closing a business they dreamt of opening.