Food & Drink

The Local 269

Any strong community has its pillars to ensure quality of life -- concerned businessmen who'll keep nudie mags out of the newsstands, and concerned parents who'll fight for green areas, so kids have somewhere to play and dumbfoundedly leaf through nudie mags. Championing its neighbors' right to drink their face off, The Local 269

A complete redo of the festively gross hole that was Vasmay, 269's a black-lacquered one-room bar run by bar vets who "just want to support the community", much like they did at shuttered mainstay Notel Motel and the Continental (where support = 5 shots for $10, and the community = NYU freshmen). To that end they're pouring reliable standards, including six tap standbys (Guinness, Hoegaarden, etc), and the good sauce (Johnny, Captain...), all of which (except top shelf) they'll pour 2-for-1 from 2-9pm "as long as the distributors don't raise prices" (so start walking over now). As for entertainment, the punk/metal juke's gone, to be replaced by local singer/songwriters and at least one Swedish electro-acoustic troubadour playing on a corner stage -- like the one you probably remember from Meow Mix, back when you were a lesbian

While the booze program is set, 269's still debating whether to open at 2pm or 12 noon -- either way, like a good neighbor, you'll support their pillar with the foundation of your dependency.