Pizza A Casa

Traveling to other peoples' pads to conduct your business can be a pain -- the drive time's a killer, you're at the mercy of their facilities, and if you're a kidnapper they always seem to instinctively know where the 12" chefs knife is. Scrapping other peoples' pads for a dedicated storefront, Pizza A Casa, opening next week.Inspired by his own latenight, boozy 'za sessions to start teaching folks how to throw dough from their own kitchens, PAC's grub guru decided he could do it even better in a standalone classroom which, now realized, consists of a front market hawking the necessities, and a pie lab sporting a marble-slabbed table, Viking fridges, and apartment-sized ovens, so's to more precisely recreate your marble-slab-and-Viking-filled kitchen. Classes start with scratch dough making, while topics including sauce ingredients, crust perfection (bubbly, not uniform), and complementary toppings're covered as said dough rises; after mercilessly devouring fresh-baked samples, you'll take your risen results and sling up to 4 different pies, one for every day of the week you eat pizza, if 4 was actually 7. Using Alleva Dairy mozz, Essex St Market meats/cheeses, and clams from Hai Than Seafood, you'll whip up perfectly balanced masterpieces from margs, to slivered red potato & rosemary joints, to ricotta/mozz/roasted peps/lemon zest white 'zas, to a breakfasty joint with pancetta, egg, and fried sage, which only thinks it holds infinite wisdom because it's so baked.The 4-hr classes run Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, with max seating at 12 per, and you can book a private party, assuming you've managed to round up enough "friends" without getting cut up into slices.