Though they don't invade countries and kill people and such, the Swiss nonetheless excel at making things their bitch -- their mentholated lozenges destroy sore throats, and their clocks tame even the wiliest cuckoo. Now telling even your underwear what to do, Zurich's QWSTION bags.Usually only available in a premie's handful of Euro boutiques, Q's now at Reed Space with a range of bags so well-engineered, you'll feel like you're stowing your sundries inside Lee Majors. All six sacs're made of tear-resistant army canvas schellacked w/ water-resistant polyethylsomething; the Sports Bag's also equipped w/ removable wet-clothes & laptop sleeves, plus converts into a backpack, while the four-pocket Messenger boasts a 300-degree zip system, letting you splay it wide like the most comely open-faced pastrami. The top 'o the line's the wheeled Three-Day Travel, with dual removable shoe sacks, separate compartments for clean/dirty clothes, neoprene stretch construction for over-stuffing, and compression straps that you can buckle seatbelt-style, or leave recklessly unbuckled if you think your luggage is going to live forever.Q also offers the roomy two-pocketed Shoulder, and a cinch-sac called the Simple, w/ internal pockets for meticulously organizing oft-misplaced items -- so who's the bitch now, keys?