A ltd ed design from the LES bike smiths

A hard-line philosophy can stunt growth -- just look at Mao's social-political programs, which cost China tens of millions of lives and placed the country in a hole that could only be climbed out of with...a four hour Olympic Opening Ceremony that cost the people of China even more tens of millions of dollars! Easing up their Draconian outlook without fake minorities, the crew behind Bowery Lane Bicycles, and their new Unicorn.

Dedicated to hand-crafting a hyper limited selection of bikes (2) perfectly suited to the twisting streets of downtown, the duo behind BLB had long operated with a "Ford mentality that the consumer can have any color bike they want as long as its black", but, due to fashion connections and placements in high-end boutique retail showrooms/trade shows, came to see the error in their ways and wildly expanded their catalog to include the Unicorn, painted in striking "antique white" (also known as "Betty"). Locally hand-welded from American steel, the new model stays true to their local inspiration, rocking a classically-styled, 21", sub-30lb fork frame to take the bite out of city streets; rear coaster brakes for all-weather performance; narrow, swept-back handlebars (for navigating traffic) with sustainable cork grips; and a shock-absorbing dual-spring saddle, though no number of springs can possibly absorb its shock at being sat on by you. Because the Dutch left when the Italians moved in, the wheels and seat adjustment're bolted on to prevent theft, and, as with all of their models, resting above the rear wheel's a handcrafted wood crate with enough room for 'two six-packs' (consume 'em on the go and the Fat Tire will be your own). Because fashion's all about exclusivity, BLB's only producing a run of 10 Unicorns, but the founders taking one for himself, so getting your hands on one may require a Great Leap Forward.