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Pizzeria in Madison Park with an original style

An Italy trip can inspire you to do things you'd never thought of, from getting really into soccer to buying a lovely, yet run-down villa in Cortona that you have renovated by a crew of Polish workmen, whilst engaging in a series of crazy adventures with an eccentric, aging British actress and a handsome Italian man named Marcello (ahhh, Marcello). Inspired to fill your belly by his own boot adventures; the guy behind Independent Pizzeria.

Opened directly across from the beach by a former wine seller spurred by the pies while in Italy, IP's slinging New York/Neapolitan style 'za on hand made/tossed dough, from a tiny, eclectically-furnished (green horse-head arted couches, etc), river rock walled spot shaped like a trapezoid, which as a rule is an approximate technique for calculating the definite integral a funny shape. The rotating menu features twists on classic offerings ranging from the fiore di latte/mozz Pepperoni, to the Margherita-style tomato/mozz/basil Queen, to an anchovy/grana/olives/capers/Mama Lil's peppers Syracuse that's based on a Sicilian, the likes of which you should never bet against when death is on the line. Other za styles include the provolone, red onion, peppers Nostrano Stevedore, the Norwalk (prosciutto, grana, fiore di latte, rocket), and the fontina/crimini/sage Twin Peaks, aka the Olsens circa 2002.

Imbibables include rotating taps, artisanal soda (draft Crater Lake Root Beer, Boylan Cola), and a solid selection of Italian reds and whites, which in the future you'll be able to toss back on IP's patio, which has been delayed by permitting, and that Polish dude spending all his time sweating the chick Chiara, despite Diane Lane's your consternation