MapQuest Gas Prices

Compounding the agony of heart-stopping gas prices is the suspicion that the pump you're at is sucking you drier than the one down the street. Put your well-founded fears to rest with just-launched MapQuest Gas Prices. Not content to simply direct the clueless, MQ is now hoarding gas station stats from the Oil Pricing Information Service -- an organization with the twin missions of tracking prices from 100,000 gas stations and testily correcting those who refer to them as O-Piss. Just enter your location and MQ will plot stations and up-to-the-minute prices on an area map, sending you and your 12 MPG-rated TransAm hurtling towards the cheapest gaseteria/quickie mart/ill-considered-robbery-target nearby. Even misty-eyed treehuggers are in luck: MQ provides listings for alternative fuels like diesel, biodiesel, and liquefied natural gas (not to be confused with the laundry-inducing liquid version of your own natural gas). Expect the site to keep pace with alternative fuels in the future, until such time as the urine-powered car is finally perfected and the source of inexpensive fuel's in your hands.