Starbucks in NYC are so omnipresent, walking down the street's like a looped Scooby-Doo background that you'll be looking over your shoulder for a yeti (who's actually a cranky old man who owns a Starbucks). For something different, hit

Like a java-tweaked Yelp, just-launched Mugged's a meticulously designed, user-generated mud-cup database, currently heavy on EV/LES joints, but aiming to cover all five boroughs (and here you thought Staten Islanders just drank tea). Just search by address, intersection, zip, shop name, or neighborhood, and Mugged'll display a GMapped list of joints complete with quality/atmosphere/barista ratings, features (food service, free wi-fi, good for meetings, etc), and user reviews that'll sometimes make you wanna forgo caffeine for bats with nails driven through them ("I looove the guy at the counter he was so friendly and looked like he cared about what he served"). Mugged also maintains a blog full of info (e.g., every restaurant that serves Stumptown Coffee) and recently opened/reviewed shops, like LIC's Sweetleaf Coffee & Tea, and Prospect Heights' Sit & Wonder -- the Sybian of bean-y alertness

Mugged also lets you submit coffee shops, and of course write reviews -- allowing you to expose that yeti-suited fraud, who would have gotten away with if too, it weren't for you meddling kids.