Marietta's African/Caribbean fusion with cheap booze

Africa's the mother of civilization, which is why, just like any mom, she better be givin' you some food, or you're not gonna come down from your treehouse. Bringing traditional grub straight from the motherland, G-Rock African Caribbean Restaurant & Bar

Now open in Marietta, G's an eat-in/take-out grub 'n' drink diner started by Nigerian partners, serving authentic African and Caribbean dishes, and decked with maroon-cushioned wicker chairs & ottomans, a peach marble'd bar with bullet-like silver light fixtures, jet-black tables, and what they swear is "the only full bar among Atlanta area African restaurants" (actually a far bolder claim than it sounds). They've brought over plenty of traditional Nigerian stews, from app-sized guys like Pepper Soup w/ ground chiles, chopped mint, ugazi leaves, & onion (availble in Assorted Meat, w/ beef, tripe, & crayfish; or Fish, w/ smoked tilapia), to full-bore entrees like the Efo Riro, w/ soko and tete leaves, pounded tomatoes, chiles, onions, crab claws, smoked stockfish, & shelled/washed escargot, served w/ porridges like yam, semolina, or cassava-root-based Garri that's been pounded, forcing him to shamefully change middle schools. Other main courses include rice dishes (w/ beef, chicken, or fish, served w/ fried plantain), Asaro (cubed yam pottage, stewed w/ crayfish), and fish plates like Whole Grilled Tilapia w/ hot pepper sauce; for the exceedingly brave, there're special dinners like Peppered Snail, Nkwobi (cow legs) cooked in spicy African herbs, or Isi-Ewu: a beef stock-mixed stew made of meat from a boiled goat's head chopped into small pieces -- the brains have been discarded, which your friends will also say about you when you order it

In addition to G's full bar, they do bottled brews (Guinness, Heineken, Corona...), and Monday-Friday happy hour specials with $5 mixed drinks and $2.50 beers, a price so good, you'll deploy the ladder and climb on down.