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This trusty McRib locator will help you find your favorite scarce sandwich

Published On 11/25/2013 Published On 11/25/2013
McRib Locator
McDonald's / Google

Reddit can try to scare the public away from the McRib all it wants -- the rib sandwich faithful will still return to McDonald's each and every Fall for a taste of BBQ pork. But this year, Ronald pulled a fast one by announcing that the McRib would NOT be rolling out nationwide. Nope, it's now up to the local franchises to decide whether to carry the sandwich or not. And who knows what those godless Topeka regional managers will decide!

In these dark times, it's important to remember your old friend the McRib Locator. The crowd-sourced Google Map has been a beacon for rib-starved Americans over the years, and it continues to provide you with exhaustive sighting locations all over the nation. Broken down into two colors (red for a sighting in the past 10 days, yellow for older ones) and three categories (confimed sighting, possible sighting, and questionable sighting), this beauty will guide you through the McRib shortage storm. Make sure to add your own findings!