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Even the most mouthwatering steakhouse menu generally features only a half dozen meat options, which, while invariably great (this is after all steak), can leave a man craving something more distinctive. For the next level in meat, hit Tom Colicchio's craftsteak. Craftsteak categorizes its cuts by origin, breed and feed (grass or corn). Their specialty's Hereford beef they dry-age for 28-56 days, using their very own cellar -- partly to ensure proper conditions, partly so Colicchio can ask women, "Would you like a tour of my beef cellar?" Other offerings: Beef Tasting Menus: Three different tasting menus stacked with rare Australian Wagyu beef. The same breed used for Kobe steaks, Wagyu cattle are beer-fed and regularly massaged -- which explains their casual attitude towards slaughter. The Primest Rib: Plates of prime go from $180-$240 -- the price climbs as you get closer to the loin, where the meat is less fatty, more tender and, apparently given the cost, has the power to cure cancer. Other Delicious Dead Stuff: CS also serves lobster (Maine and Australian), King Crab, mussels and raw bar chow, plus Pork Osso Bucco, Duck Confit, Kobe Beef Tartare, and "Spring Lamb" -- 6-7 month old animals lecherous shepherds call "young wool".As if all this weren't enough, Colicchio's dropped mysterious hints of a gourmet make-your-own burger bar, to be unveiled in the near future -- so if you want your hamburgers reinvigorated along with your steaks, you can do it your damn self.