Le Jardin de Thrillist

An open-air drinkers' oasis has quietly and unexpectedly opened in the Meat Packing District, and you're the first to know.

Thanks to the capricious kingmakers at the New York State Liquor Board, 10 Little West 12th was granted their liquor license before they were ready to open. The pleasantly surprised owners haven't even picked a name yet, so we're stepping in. We hereby proclaim Le Jardin de Thrillist open for business.

Le Jardin de Thrillist will make you soil your pants with surprise and pleasure. The sprawling back patio may be the best place in the city to enjoy the months between summer's last, swamp-nut inducing heat wave and the penis-shriveling chill of winter. The drink selection is strong to quite strong, and the prices expose the rest of the neighborhood establishments for the thieving bastards they are.

Aside from choosing a name, Le Jardin plans to:

  • have no kitchen, just a backyard charcoal grill for steak sandwiches, kebobs and burgers, which they'll present in a 6-pack carton.
  • pick up seasonal fruit for cocktails, then wing the rinds at the cramped, overpaying suckers on the Paradou patio next door.
  • secure fitness celebrity John Basedow for a Tuesday guest bartending spot. Tony Little will bus tables, and Ron Popeil will man the grill with his revolutionary self-cleaning "Wonder Spork".
So please, when you go, tell no one. If you make us regret sharing this information, we'll unleash Basedow with The Wonder Spork, and not even Popeil will be able to save you.