2. Guadalajara

Sometimes nostalgia makes things seem better than they were, like when you go back to Chuck E. Cheese and realize what you ate at your fifth birthday party probably wasn’t even pizza. Not the case with Guadalajara, which was THE Mexican restaurant for anyone who grew up in the Palmetto school zone and still holds up today. It’s not just the family-friendly staff that makes it a destination for folks fresh out of their parents’ homes. It’s the deep red salsa that comes with a side of hot greasy chips. It’s the fresh guac that still tastes better than any hoity-toity tableside mumbo jumbo. And it’s the taco plates that still seem as enormous today as they did when you were in short pants. Cheap, unpretentious, and it registers as delicious in every part of your brain.
How to book: Stop by for first come, first served seating.

5. Taqueria Hoja

Slip down a fluorescent side hallway inside downtown’s Ingraham building and you’ll suddenly find yourself in the heart of Oaxaca, where a smoky, steamy taco shop is serving up insane food to those in the know. This literal hidden gem takes a little work to find, but the payoff is high: A laid back setting full of people who’d rather not be seen chowing down on koji sweet potato, peanut, and almond tacos or shrimp and potato flautas. These are the kind of inventive and unusual flavor profiles people come back from Mexico raving about, stashed away in downtown Miami.
How to book: Stop by for first come, first served seating.

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