1. La Traila BBQ
Miami Lakes

It’s surprising that more of Miami’s best barbecue joints haven’t figured out what Mel Rodriguez has: Take the scraps of your slow-smoked meats, grind them up, and put them in a burger patty to end up with something pretty spectacular. La Traila’s burgers are like eating a perfectly-formed prime brisket platter, which is then cleverly topped with pulled pork, swiss, and pickles for the Bar-b-Cuban. Or kept deliciously simple with provolone and onions.
How to book: Stop in for first-come, first-served service or order online

3. BH Burger Bar
Bal Harbour

Swanky Bal Harbour isn’t necessarily where one would expect to find offerings as un-glamorous as a hamburger. Especially not tucked into the back of the over-the-top St. Regis. But BH Burger Bar is an upscale hidden gem, where you can slide into a red vinyl booth and enjoy decadent stuff like the Frenchie, filled with bacon, truffle aioli, Comte cheese, pickled shallots, caramelized onions, and roasted tomatoes in a butter brioche bun—if your heart wasn’t already hurting. Or opt for the Foie Gras burger, if that first one just wasn’t Bal Harbour enough for you.
How to book: Stop in for first-come, first-served seating

6. Le Tub

Success is all about setting expectations—and as soon as you walk into this license plate-lined waterside shack, you know you're going to be there a while. That’s what happens when your sizable sirloin patty gets called out by GQ, Oprah, and other esteemed publications as one of the very best in America. But nobody minds the wait at Le Tub, because sipping cold beer by the water in anticipation of a signature burger that also exceeds expectations is never short of satisfying.
How to book: Stop by for first come, first served seating.

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