1. M2 Miami
South Beach

Miami’s newest nightclub popped on the scene during Miami Music Week, when the place many of us remember as Mansion (or Level, if you wanna go old school) hosted John Digweed and the Miami Resistance mini-festival. The 35,000-square-foot concept is breathing new life into Al Capone’s old movie house, going 1000% in on the lights, the smoke, and the bass. As its slogan, “no one can stop you from dancing” may suggest, expect lasers, strobe lights, and trippy technicolor patterns on screens around the room. If you’re into big dance floors and even bigger DJs, this might be your new go-to.

2. Daer Day Club

Sometimes, confining your party to either day or night simply won’t do—so you need a club that covers both sun-tanning and vampiric drinking activities. DAER does it all, where one of the best pool parties in South Florida will have you lounging in a cabana while live music plays from the 40-foot DJ booth. The best part is this spot moves seamlessly from day to night, kicking on its high-performance LED light centerpiece to keep the energy up all night long.

3. Pilo’s Tequila Garden

When dropping it low to reggaeton leads to a serious case of the drunchies, PILO’S has you covered. The tequila garden is a total party, but its also got you covered so you can fuel up for a night out with tacos, guac, and all your other favorites. Order margaritas or straight tequila from the bar and then burn off the calories by dancing to its night-long array of Latin hits. The outdoor club space is decked out with two bars, VIP booths, and a whole treehouse DJ booth, so the entertainment won’t be lacking.

4. Do Not Sit On The Furniture
South Beach

For those who go to clubs for the music, your beach no-brainer is Do Not Sit on the Furniture. You’re not likely to see any A-list DJs or bottle rats here, but you will find underground house beats designed to keep people dancing until code enforcement makes you head home. The name is no joke, too—you’ll see plenty of inviting couches and chairs scattered throughout the space, but sit for too long and you’ll be not-so-kindly cajoled to stand up and get down.

5. Hyde Beach
South Beach

Hyde Beach cemented its place as a world-class day club years ago. This year during Miami Music Week, popular DJ James Hype and Meduza (and friends—as in other DJs) played at the venue, bringing classic Miami pool party excitement to the South Florida clubbing scene. Hyde offers everything you’d want from a megaclub after dark in a sunny poolside setting—an altogether unusual combination that somehow works perfectly.

6. Treehouse Miami
South Beach

Seeing big time DJs in small spaces is typically reserved for the offshoot parties during Miami Music Week. But hit Treehouse on the right weekend, and you may likely find superstar electronic artists spinning for adoring fans who show up for the music rather than the ‘Gram. The sounds are definitely trance-heavy, which might seem odd for an intimate space—but it makes sense once you spend an evening there, where DJs who typically do their thing far above the crowds get a little more dance floor exposure.

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