1. Cantina La Veinte

Though this riverside upscale Mexican restaurant is famous for its happy hour margaritas, they make a pretty mean Cosmo, too. The crisp, citrusy splash is made doubly as exciting when paired with a live mariachi band, which comes pretty standard at Cantina. Beyond the Cosmos, you’d be well served to stick around for some of Miami’s best guacamole, as the longer you linger here the better your odds of hitting it off with one of the notoriously attractive patrons.

2. Carbone

Carbone has adapted to the concept of “Miami Time” pretty well since landing on the scene earlier this year, as an 8 pm reservation often means you won’t sit down until 9 pm. So what to do whilst hanging around waiting for your table? Order a Cosmo, obviously, then start chatting up other people to see if maybe you can sneak in when their name is called. If you’re not that bold, ordering a Cosmo is still a good move; posting pictures of your penne alla vodka always feels a lot smoother after a little Cointreau.

3. Cipriani

The nautical-themed environs at this global Italian sensation fit in perfectly at the mouth of the Miami River, making it as close to enjoying your Cosmo on a yacht as you’ll find without befriending some very wealthy people. In addition to its “I’m on a Boat” motif, Cipriani is also in the same corporate family as Venice’s famous Harry’s Bar — better known as the birthplace of the Bellini. (We won’t judge you for ordering one of those, too.)

4. Coyo Taco Wynwood

Opening a taco shop in Miami without a secret speakeasy is kind of like opening a club without single stall bathrooms. But the standout among our city’s glut of poorly-hidden taqueria bars is Coyo, which not only serves up the best tacos in Miami, but also boasts a stellar lounge in the back. The place is famous for its margaritas and Mexican beer, but if you’re not feeling agave, the Cosmos taste just as good.

5. Fontainebleau

If you took a vacation in Miami and didn’t snap a picture of yourself with a rose-colored drink by the Fontainebleau pool, were you even really in Miami? Most would say no, as the Fontainebleau’s pool may be more famous than the celebrities who hang out there. If you’d rather not break a sweat while enjoying your Cosmo, though, the lobby’s Bleau Bar offers the same swanky photo ops, with ice-cold A/C.

6. Komodo

The Brickell bird’s nest that is Komodo’s signature sight is an ideal place from which to enjoy a Cosmo. But this pan-Asian hotspot best known for its Peking duck is more than just a collection of artfully-crafted sticks. Its upstairs lounge is as scene-y as anywhere in South Beach, and the promoter dinner mecca on the restaurant’s main floor is full of people as beautiful as the décor.