Train like a caveman

Published On 03/17/2011 Published On 03/17/2011
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1. Primal Fit Miami 9537 NE 2nd Ave, Miami , FL 33138

Primal's the sinew-straining brainchild of Matt Pack, who trained individual clients for years before finally getting a gym in which to ply his hyper-elevated caveman-fitness workout routine -- basically how Bill Kazmaier would get ripped -- based on the "seven primal pattern movements necessary for our ancestors to survive", most notably the shift from gingham to plaid. The gym scraps all fancy-pants Cybex-type machines for raw pushing/ pulling/ twisting/ etc. tools of pain, like a "super yoke" you attach to your neck so as to drag a heavy sled around like an ox, a handle-equipped "strong man log" you lift above your head, and truck tires you'll bash with a 5ft mace, which by comparison, would make Diddy like 4'2.