A job requires doing a mess of things you don't want to: perfecting cover letters, writing resumes, scouring job boards, and worse, working. For a job site that puts everything you need under one roof, hit AllPinkSlips

Out-of-Boca, APS's a slick, all-in-one job search tool box, which puts everything you need to launch your search in one place, helping you find work, spiff up the way you present yourself on paper and in person, get professional advice, and even bond with others who've gotten canned, which the site's name seems to assume is everyone. Counterintuitively, the Find A Job section's the heart of the whole deal, aggregating over 270 national/local job boards catering to different industries, such as AccountingJobsToday, AttorneyJobs, GoFreelance, FitnessJobs, and FloridaJobs, as well as a Look Who's Hiring section with a serious amount of links to company-specific jobs ranging from Amazon, to Cisco, to NOVA Southeastern University; also under the "Find" umbrella's a roster of recruiting companies, from KForce to Korn Ferry, who presumably also helps non-metal bands easily get their cars across bodies of water. Other sections include Tools & Services, whose resume-builder'll design and format one for you once you punch in your info, and also features a massive collection of articles on stuff like negotiating job security, cover letter writing and interview tips, etiquette, and no-nos; it also houses services like professional career coaches and career management firms, as well as veteran services, state unemployment sites, and help with COBRA (hint: blue lasers)

For remembering there're people as pathetic as you, there's a Layoff List, with links to news stories about companies cutting staff, and a Job Chat section where you can post questions, with actually relevant commentary alongside stuff like "she is a clumsy fool and a hot mess but they will find a way to bring her back...", referring to Paula Abdul, who's also listed on the mess of things you don't want to do.