Dope UK gear hits Lincoln Rd

Sometimes it takes a while for the best of Europe to make its way to the States, a fact you realized while sitting outside Sam Goody for three weeks, even though you already taped "Final Countdown" off the radio. For a long-awaited taste of Europe that doesn't require a Discman, hit up AllSaints Spitalfields.

A UK brand that's been killing it across the pond with 48 stores, but just finally mustered the gumption for an American campaign, Saints is opening a sprawling mega-shop on Lincoln that's done up like a warehouse with raw brick, girders, and vintage sewing machines, in which to peddle a serious gamut of men's duds kind of combining rugged work and rock 'n roll, which is sadly nothing like Men At Work, since that movie dominates. Denim starts with the slim fit Iggy in a variety of fabrics (blue or black narrow loom Japanese selvage; worn indigo), the straight leg Texel with shape-providing stitching on the knees and big back pockets, and the Pipe Skinny, with a super-slim fit that gives a bit thanks to 1% elastane, for which you are 100% thankful. Buttondowns have a bit of an antiqued masculinity to them, and range from dress deals like the simple, small-collared Carson, to more casual garb like the cowboy yoke'd Oregon Sawtooth in a subdued plaid, the Prison, with a wrinkled and worn gray and brown stripe and workman pockets, and the Overpainted Miner in work wear-inspired blue chambray that looks chalk-dusted, surely because it got eraser-clapping duty for passing notes about butts.

Allover-printed tees have a rock poster look to them, with stuff like the Weed (chalk-colored v-neck with dreamy botanist sketches and notes on cannabis), the Acid Ribcage, with psychedelic human ribs right over yours, and the Rex Crew, with a huge T-Rex across the chest and the question "Where you been?", to which you'll answer, "Sam Goody, for the past three weeks".

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