Shadowy dancing in the Fontainebleau basement

Being smaller can have its benefits, mainly that the Oreo you lost on the lawn is now the size of a backhoe, although that doesn't change the fact that heredity dictates you'll eventually look like Rick Moranis. Giving you the intimacy of a small dance club, Arkadia.

From the guys behind gargantuan LIV next door, Arkadia's a more intimate, clandestine-ish dance lounge in the Fontainebleau's basement decked with low ceilings, tentacles draping down between mazes of bottle-service banquettes, and a loooong bar if you don't want to be trapped at a table; it's named in honor of the arcade that occupied the same space in the '60s, then housed the now-defunct Blade, which even Kris Kristoffersen couldn't save this time. To keep a lower profile, there's a second, lounge-ier bar in back with antique French furniture, Oriental carpets strewn about, and a full-sized pool table, while outside they've constructed a gently sloping amphitheater of bungalows overlooking a shallow wading pool, which only dates dudes who drive infinity pools. Dranks include Chimay and a couple other beers unusual for a club, while cocktails range from the Perfect Storm (Grand Marnier, fresh lime, Angostura bitters, ginger beer), to the Honey Blossom (Wild Turkey American Honey Bourbon, Grand Marnier, grapefruit juice), to one with gin, grape juice, mint, and rosemary essence called the Grown Up, which is the worst drink to be seen hanging out with, but is great for dropping you off at the mall.

Tunes'll be mostly house music from the likes of Cedric Gervis, Tiesto (Nov 6), and Paul Oakenfold & Nervo (Nov 14th), while on Tuesdays there're poolside BBQs at 10pm that head inside in the wee hours -- as opposed to the wee wee hours, which's what happens when Rick Moranis shrinks you, and then you have to pee.

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