Best of the Best

Enjoy our monthly creme de la creme, skimmed from the awesomeness of the Thrillist Empire.

Emailed to San Francisco:Hot Chicks With Dogs With Boners Pugs, Labs, Boxers, Bullmastiffs...they all like hot chicks, a lot, and this SF-based photoblog's out to prove it with shot after shot of stoked hounds posing with fine girls unintentionally giving those dogs a bone. Witness all the pup tents

Emailed to Boston: The PUMA Index IPhone App Keep track of your dwindling assets while scoping out the assets of hot women with this new app featuring a real-time stock index and aesthetically pleasing models, each of whom either puts on clothes as the market goes up, or strips down to their underwear as it tumbles -- soooo, go-go global economic crisis and extended financial meltdown! See why you need to root for a crash

Emailed to New York: Surprise Industries Founded by a trio of NYers who loved the SomethingStore concept but deemed life experiences to be more valuable than random objects, SI partners with a sweeping range of providers to offer a calendar filled with oft-outlandish events where participants have no idea what they're doing right until the moment they arrive, kind of like college, and sex. Enjoy having no idea what the hell's going on, and bring a change of underwear, just in case

Emailed to Los Angeles:Average Cats Started by the same UCLA undergrad duo behind MyLifeIsAverage, Average Cats is a LOLCats-parodying blog, juxtaposing Hallmark-cute feline photos with cut-and-dry captions that celebrate the fact that cats really aren't extraordinary at all, no matter how much lasagna they may be able to eat. Read on to see how truly limited cats can be

Emailed to Nation:Brave Leather Belts Knocking 20% off just for Thrillist readers, Canuck beltmakers Brave just dropped a new batch of rockerish vegetable/plant extract-dyed men's leather pants-clasps, including the Ivor, with a vintage weave design silver buckle, the Kessen, featuring a buckle made of four rows of polished pyramid studs, and the Mani, in perforated distressed black leather with a silver-plated nickel buckle with hammered detailing, for those mornings when only your belt can explain exactly what happened last night. Keep your pants from falling down, srsly