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This month, we're dropping the gooeyest Thrillist content into your trick or treat inbox. Now please don't egg our house.

Emailed to Boston: Greg Stones Art A Bates College grad who majored in Studio Art and now lives in RI, GS was a traditional technical artist whose landscapes and "lonely" self-portraits unexpectedly intersected the humor path, and he now produces a hilarious collection of exquisite watercolor paintings, Giclee prints, and books that depict narrative scenes of monsters, zombies, animals, and random naked chicks, leading to the question, how did Greg Stone know your imaginary high school posse? Check out girls really going wild as they flash Bigfoot their boobs

Emailed to Philly: Tokyoflash Previously only available online, Omoi's now carrying nine models of TF's slick, futuristic wristwear which defies traditional analog/digital displays, instead relying on various unique arrangements of flashing LEDs to denote time and date -- far more accurate, and less likely to attract rats, than your move of estimating days of the week based on number of empty takeout boxes. Look as if you know how to tell time, even in the future

Emailed to Los Angeles: Skullcandy iPhone Ap This just-dropped app from the sleek headphone company is an all-for-one ode to extreme sportsters, with surf reports, a skate park finder, up-to-the-minute ski reports (as well as 5-day forecast), and also more self-aggrandizing features like a music player w/Skullcandy-approved tracks, a Skullcandy store locator, and Skullcandy wallpapers, but sadly, still not one single candy shaped like a skull. Seek and ye shall find a way to break your ankles

Emailed to New York: PigSpigot With a catalog of user-designed cards available for free e-sharing, New York-based PS steps up the funk faking by offering to ship off your chosen greeting via snail mail for a nominal fee, providing the ultimate way for a "lazy guy to send something cool, funny and thoughtful...without ever having to leave his desk", though if you're any good at being lazy, you should be on your futon. Make someone feel bad

Emailed to Nation: Illustrated Portraits The handiwork of a UK-based artist who's had his hand in the down-and-dirty children's book industry for a while, this prolific collection of quirky color ink celeb portraits runs the spectrum from musicians (Elliot Smith, Iggy Pop, Tom Waits...) to literary icons (Dylan Thomas, Jack Kerouac, Nietzsche), to film/TV folk like Larry David and Bill Murray, the ideal accent pieces for filling out your treasured "old bald man" room. Put some heads on your walls

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