Best of the Best

Like a papa bird who binges on far-away food only to return to the nest to purge all over his brood, Thrillist has gorged on excellence from many editions across this great nation. Open your gullet.

Emailed to Nation:In Your Color Letting even plebes snap up wall art that perfectly vibes with its surroundings, IYC takes high-res black & white photos and lets you custom-color a single visual element, creating pleasing contrast and letting you coordinate art with the color scheme your mom picked for your apartment. 'Cause you need Garanimals for your decor

Emailed to New York: OldJewsTellingJokes A beautifully shot series of stand-up jokes told by everyday Jews, this simple site's produced by the assistant director of The Royal Tenenbaums, School of Rock, P*** 'n Chicken, Donnie Brasco, Dead Man Walking, Groundhog Day, Rudy, and A League of Their who says the Jews control Hollywood? Click here if Jew need a laugh

Emailed to Atlanta:Debauchery From The Bible Belt Compiled by ATL blog The Midnight Socialite, this 120-page photo documentary of Atlanta and Miami's progressive club scene is flush with girls kissing girls, fantastic tattoos, breakdancing, DJs, and various other images designed to show that the South has indeed risen again, as a great place to take ecstasy. Get a gander here

Emailed to LA:Dinosaurs F__king Robots From a Culver City trio of viral-vid writers ("Oprah is Dead", etc), Dinosaurs F__king Robots is tumblr genius they sum up as "A showcase where artists can come together and make pictures...of dinosaurs f__king robots...with inspirational phrases". Forms run from hand-sketches to professionally Photoshopped fun; inspirational statements sometimes jive w/ the work, but are often as incongruous as dinosaurs and robots. More past f--king up the future

Emailed to Philly: Mike Geno's Meat Art A Moore color-theory professor who ditched a PSU Business Admin degree to attend Tyler, Geno creates oils that illuminate the "aesthetic values...sensuality and seductiveness of meat" -- values he learned swinging a cleaver at a supermarket job, which is what happens when you ditch Business for Art. Meditate on meat