Best of the Best

Like a prospector unearthing the glistening Thrillist Network best, we've sifted through the e-detritus and chomped on every rock...anyone know a good dentist?

Emailed to Nation: My BluBlockers Bringing you the iconically big 'Blockers in heretofore unseen colors and lenses, MBB comes from a couple that fell so in love with the 80s infomercial superstar, they asked for -- and received -- carte blanche to make and sell the shades themselves, adding "Revenues That Should Be Mine!" to "Second Pair!" in the list things people get for free from guys who make infomercials. Block the blues

Emailed to LA: How To Make Love To... HTMLT... is a just-launched website that surveys you on your sexual preferences, then presents the results in the form of a humorous book, all from the local guy who wrote the on-shelves-now tome How To Make Love To Adrian Colesberry, and fully customized the new site himself -- 'cause the only person you'd want to sex more than an author is an author/web programmer. Write that masterpiece

Emailed to San Francisco: Your Resume Tee If you're a real go-getter, some SF art chick'll print your resume on a snug, paper-hued tee. Perhaps not ironically, said chick's website states she's looking for art director work, so if you hear of any openings...start rooting through her whites! Wear your objectives and responsibilities

Emailed to Dallas: Project: Rant! Austin-based Pitch Productions' slick series features area actors reenacting blog-reader-submitted complaints in vignettes like "Crappy Bacon", "I-10 East Is Not A Buffet", and "Pizza Place D*ckheads", also the original title of the Patrick Dempsey flick Loverboy. Enjoy the anger

Emailed to Philadelphia: Casio G-Shock The Walnut St sneaker gallery's slingin' eight new edgy rethinkings of Casio's bulkily iconic wristwear, including the purple Street Rider and white Ana-Digi, both boasting five alarms; the digital Mudman in red or blue, capable of split-timing two separate events over a 1,000-hr period; and the In4mation in salmon or ice blue, complete with the tide graphs and moon phases that loosely correlate to your GF's, y'know, cycles, to help you plan your own split timing. Get yourself some good times