Food & Drink


The paradox of nightlife: the more you insist you're only out to drink, the more desperately important it is you put at least some food in your stomach. For a lounge that'll keep you rolling, enter Blade.

Set in the "basement" Chateau area of the Fontainebleau, Blade's a low-slung, dark cornered lounge where black leather seating, polished red tile floors, and accents of dark grainy wood and arcing geometric cinderblocks give a Shogun meets Blade Runner vibe -- and where world-class sushi plays a vital but secondary role to exotic ways to get silly. The main attraction: cocktails like "Godzilla" (vodka, muddled cucumber and kiwi, apple nectar, lime) and "PB&J" (Hangar One Raspberry, Nocello Walnut, Pallini Raspicello, fresh raspberries, peanut butter), plus an upper-tier sake menu rockin' the likes of Dewazakura "Yukimanman" ("heaven of tipsy delight", with pomegranate & persimmon notes) and the cinnamon/pumpkin over-toned Hoyo "Manamusume" ("farmer's daughter" -- clearly the myth that country folk are hot and saucy knows no borders). Meanwhile, your ballast comes courtesy of an extremely old-school chef flown in from Tokyo, who's preparing classic raw fish offerings and variations like Maine lobster sashimi; you can also choose from an assortment of 17-20 live species like sea urchin, eel, and local grouper and snapper, all housed in 20,000 gallons worth of tanks dubbed "Water World" by a staff obviously unafraid of the specter of epic failure.

For more day and night boozing and food, Blade spills out into a private adult cabana and pool area open from 10am 'til 1am, a closing time designed to keep sea turtles from being fatally attracted to the outdoor lights -- the ultimate nightlife paradox, in that you insist you're only out to drink, and you end up murdering sea turtles.