Sushi floating everywhere

Pretty much anything on a boat is awesome: pirates, chicks in bikinis, tropical drinks, Martin Short having sex in a shower, pirates... Now putting delicious fish on 'em: Ozzi Sushi Bar.

Opening Monday, Ozzi's sandwiched between Downtown's bustling buildings, but inside everything's Zen despite Gavin Rossdale not thinking so, thanks to an airy mod feel lent by orange light fixtures, a big pink orchid painted on the far back wall, and a stark white water-filled bar that loops around the whole joint, and's loaded with little boats full of sushi. The whole idea's to see something you like in those boats and snatch it up before it passes, with the entire menu sitting on either yellow, green, blue, purple, or red boat-borne plates associated with a given price point, which's also what you do when you see Mark Price, and say "hey, that's Mark Price!", and point at him. Cruising by'll be everything from lower-priced eats like seaweed salad and salmon/cream cheese/onion rolls, to higher-end bites like mango- and coconut-smothered crab wrapped in soy paper, eel/salmon/shrimp nigiri, tuna steak soaked in sesame oil and soy sauce, and a crab, avocado, asparagus, and masago concoction rolled in cucumber and seaweed coined the Ozzi Roll, which'll be far easier to digest than anything that comes out of his Fest.

Booze stays traditional with Japanese beers such as Sapporo and Kirin, as well as red/white wines and hot/cold sake, and if you think any of that isn't awesome, you're Captain Wrong.