Food & Drink


It's always been hard to see the benefits of vacationing in an RV: you're not sleeping in a hotel, you're trapped with your family, and you can't watch your favorite Red Shoe Diaries episodes, you have to watch dad's. For high-end street food from an RV you can love, track down GastroPod

Parked in Wynwood for Art Basel, then roaming Miami thereafter, Pod does "mobile gourmet dining" modeled after the elevated street food scene on the left coast, whipped up by chef Jeremiah Bullfrog (who's worked in NYC's Spice Market and Aquavit), all from a 30-foot '68 Airstream trailer called the "Shiny Twinkie", whose offerings're so good they'll cause you to lose sight of your own. Repping Asian, Latin and Caribbean traditions, the menu uses experimental techniques and is constantly evolving, but for Basel will include staples like a hot dog made entirely of smoked short rib and topped with a kimchi-style slaw; a BBQ pulled pork sandwich done Carolina-style with a vinegar finish; and a sandwich made with BBQ brisket that's been dry rubbed, smoked, and slow cooked for a total of 18 hours called the Sloppy Jose, which bears no resemblance whatsoever to the Dirty Sanchez, promise. As the Pod evolves it'll be dishing even crazier stuff like the Vietnamese/Mexican Banh Mi Taco, made from pig head and trotters that've been braised down with coriander, fish sauce, and pork jus, topped with a glob of scrapple pate, and wrapped in a warm corn tortilla; and the Slammin' Burger, a house-ground fatty mix of short rib, brisket, and sirloin, with onions cooked in bacon fat and organic American cheese that's been melted down, custom-salted, and re-molded -- much like your bath towel, except delicious

During Basel the Pod will also be dispensing award-winning espresso and cappuccino from NC's Counter Culture roasters, plus cupcakes/other pastries and homemade drinks like cream soda, and possibly even a version including the original Dr. Pepper recipe, whipped up in five-gallon jugs -- coincidentally, the name of that Red Shoe Diaries episode you found out you and dad have in common.