Get a Complimentary 5-Day Pass to The Sports Club/LA

Everyone's got their own reason for making fitness part of their lifestyle -- maybe it's your New Year's resolution, or maybe spandex loves you as much as you love spandex. No matter your reason, The Sports Club/LA is for you.

The Sports Club/LA is a 50,000 square foot temple that serves your every need, whether your goal's getting in shape, maintaining an already rock-hard physique, or simply not becoming one of those lumpy, misshapen specimens younger people can't imagine themselves turning into, but then, poof, ten years go by and everyone's laughing at your oddly fitting pants. To that end, the Club features extensive cardiovascular and weight training, ludicrously experienced instructors/private trainers, 90 innovative group exercise classes weekly, a Rev studio, a Mind Body Program with yoga and a dedicated Pilates studio, a Spa, an outdoor pool/sundeck for executive members, and a Mediterranean cafe – because while exercise is good, walking a mile when you're hungry enough to eat your own calves is bad.

Because they love you tenderly, right now, The Sports Club/LA is offering Thrillist readers a complimentary 5-day membership. Become a member by January 21st, and you'll save over 75% on the initiation fee, plus get January and February on the house, two private training sessions, a spa session enhancement, and a nutritional assessment -- a vital step towards healthiness, because nutrition loves you way more than you love nutrition.