HEAT, Hoops, and Hotties

What's sweeter than seeing Dwyane Wade face off against chronically screaming fellow All-Star Kevin Garnett? Clearly, the answer is: sweet photographs of attractive women's midriffs. Get the best of both worlds this Sunday at 6pm. Yes, captain: on Sunday the 29th, when the HEAT take on Garnett/Pierce/Allen everyone in the crowd will receive a HEAT Dancer full-size swimsuit poster (finally, something to replace that print of Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss"!). Moreover, you can get your pep-squad paraphernalia autographed at a pre-game HEAT Dancer autograph session, giving you an up-close and personal way to say what you've always dreamed of saying, "Actually, it's Thom with an H". Because you're what NBA analysts would call "a special player", right now the team's offering Thrillist readers $20 off lower-bowl seating via tickets.heatexperience.com. Get yours now, before the cupboard is as bare as the midriffs.