360-degree views of the world

The world is full of so many amazing places you'll likely never get to visit, and also Gary, Indiana. Convince yourself to hit every one of them that Glenn Big Dog Robinson wasn't born in, after visiting virtually on Tour Wrist.

Tampa-born TW's an iPhone/Pad app that lets you e-travel to handsome locations 'round the globe by providing 360-degree views that move in synch with how you move your device: turn in a circle and it'll pan around Times Square, look down in Paris to get a view of the cobblestones, and tilt up in Hollywood to see the hills -- just hope it's one of the episodes with no Lo. You can choose from the 3,000 (and growing) location tours via a global map, or use tags like recreation (snowboarding, etc), restaurants, or hotels (there're 30,000+ showing everything from lobbies to showers); all images are captured by worldwide shutterbugs who snap hyper-accurate 360 views using photo-melding software and an axis-adjusting camera mount called a "panoramic head", also what that chick from Exorcist doesn't give out 'til the third date. Notable locations include international hotspots (Abbey Road, Christ statue in Rio, the Sphinx at Giza), cool stuff out west like the Golden Gate Bridge and the Grand Canyon, and stadium views like the UF Swamp, plus a shot from the the VIP seats of the Jay-Z show at Coachella -- where you can see 75,000 general admission fans who have 99 problems, and not being rich is one.

Future plans include making TW workable on non-Apple devices, and soon you'll be able to make your own tours via an additional app called Capture, for which you wave your phone around your surroundings and it paints the images together, so you can shoot your 'hood, favorite bar, or even your buddy Gary, who's about as close to Indiana as you wanna get.