IDF Boot Camp

It's easy to see where Israelis get their rep for being tough: every single one of 'em has to undergo military hand-to-hand combat and weapons training, and beyond that, they have their mothers. For a hardcore workout designed by an Israeli special ops soldier, check out IDF Boot Camp.Run by a still-fatigue-wearing former Israeli paratrooper and security expert for their consulate in NYC, IDF (Israeli Defense Force) is an 1.5-hr military-inspired workout conducted on the beaches, forest, and fields of Oleta River State Park, offering solo workouts and intense team competition under the mottos that "sweating is a must" and "swearing is encouraged", which is the f**king s**t. The team competition helps motivate an intense workout, including tug-of-wars alternating with push-ups, as well as various relay races; you and your mates might tote buckets of water, transport military stretchers loaded with sandbags, or retrieve an inflatable raft from the bay and lug it along the beach while being told to stop and do push-ups and squats, all while attempting to do it faster than the other team -- like Ookie Cookie, except when you lose, you don't have to eat the beach. Solo workouts're broken into stations where you're doing stuff like band resistance work for curls and military presses, using a BOSU half ball for lunges, crunches, squats, and plank poses; engaging park equipment for pull-ups and step-ups; and kickboxing while instructors hold bags and help you with your technique, which you like to call "Slouching Fatty, Hidden Belly".As for gear, all you need to bring is a towel and lots of water, and after it's all said and done, the group heads to breakfast at nearby Miami Juice -- just be careful how you pronounce it, or you'll have to deal with someone's mom.