Initium Sunglasses

Any good rock star is rarely seen without his sunglasses, useful for keeping their too-cool-for-school rep, masking the ravages of the after-party, and hiding the unlovable face that forced them to become really good at music just to get laid. At music! Providing you that same option, Initium's Lifestyle Collection.CA-based Initium just released a fresh drop of rocker-optimized shades, nearly doubling its existing collection with a diverse range of styles, all "built to stand up to the trials and tribulations of life on tour" -- you know, those horrifying round-the-clock partying, drug-enhanced, groupie nine-some trials and tribulations. New impact-resistant, 100% UVA/UVB protected glasses include the big, squared-off World Tour, which comes in a range of colorways including white/black and tortoise, and has optional polarized lenses; The Marker, a classic, rounded aviator in honey-ale or burgundy tortoise-shell; and the bulging sunset-colored Minibar, which you'll regret wearing upon checkout, even though it really seemed like you really needed them at 4am. Other styles include the Vunderground wayfarer in rubberized or polished black, or a black/crystal stripe pattern that'd look pretty fly on Max Headroom, and the Oakley-reminiscent wraparound Parlay, available in polished black, tortoise, and that one other color that never covers the goddamn spread, ever.If you detest new things, you can still nab some of Initium's holdover models, like the bulky Laguna Sunrise in a grip of colorways like red Havana and crystal green, and their prescription Ophthalmic line, reminding you that sometimes, people wear shades just to hide the fact that they wear glasses. Glasses!