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A Joy Wallace BBQ Catering

Big stuff gets scaled down for all sorts of reasons: bonsai trees are great for people with little space and limited exposure to light, and model trains are great for people with limited exposure to friends/light. Scaling their operation down to bring you killer BBQ, A Joy Wallace

The offshoot of a high-end catering company that's spent 22 years whipping up fancy food for big shindigs, JW's new backyard-friendly BBQ service'll drop off hot smoked 'n' grilled meals bolstered by heaps of traditional sides for groups of at least 10 peeps, or .8 Rex Ryans. Meats're never pre-boiled, but rather slow-smoked for seven hours in JW's custom-built smokers (they tested their spice mix and smoking times on their presumably plump staff for months), with core items including Mama Joy's Ribs (Memphis-style spares just dry-rubbed, so you can dip 'em in sauce as you please), whole chickens/wings done the same way, and their special pulled pork made from 14-hour smoked pork butt, which is actually from the shoulder, but relatively fatty, so Sir Mix-a-Lot is still cool with it. Augment that-there feasting with molasses & bacon baked beans, crispy & tangy cole Southern style slaw, white cheddar and Gruyere homestyle mac & cheese, Southern potato salad, and kettle corn from Dickey Doo, who's far more industrious and successful than Dickey Don't

As for imbibing, JW can bring a full bar stocked with whatever you like, set up a fresh mojito station, or just stick to beer and wine; they'll also leverage their event planning expertise/connections to provide other serious party fun like cotton candy stations, rock climbing walls, clowns, riding ponies, and inflatable bouncy castles -- just be sure to buckle your belt, to limit your exposure of butt.