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Bayside beers at the Flamingo

Dorm life has its benefits: there's chicks all over the place, there's always a party going down, and no one realizes you're actually 32 and just there because the dryers are free. For an eatery smack in the middle of South Beach's own grown-up dorm-ish Flamingo, hit up The Local, man.Housed in what used to be the leasing office of the Flamingo in the south end of South Tower, full-bar-equipped Local rocks a slick mod/industrial vibe, a pool table, flat screens, and outdoor seating that looks upon Biscayne Bay and the property's pool, which is sure to succeed, as they don't allow Georgetown in it. The Med/Latin-inspired menu's lighter fare includes meatballs stuffed with mozz and covered with marinara on ciabatta; seared tuna with greens, tropical mango pico de gallo, and lime vinaigrette; and a salad with a 1/2 wedge of Boston bibb served with tomatoes, cucumber, and fresh blue cheese topped with warm bacon vinaigrette called the Wedge Napoleon -- a sound plan, as dude's small enough to fit just about anywhere. More meal-ish stuff include paninis (beef carpaccio with stracchino & arugula; tempura-battered shrimp & homemade tartar; turkey, brie, and apple butter jam), plus pizza-like flatbreads including sesame-seared tuna with wasabi goat cheese; the Black "N" Blue with beef carpaccio, blue cheese, provolone, and truffle oil; and one with pepperoni, sausage, 'shrooms, and mozz called the Brooklyn, which proponents will claim is even better than the Manhattan, but only because they're poor.The bar's packed full of beers like Anchor Steam, Bass, Negra Modelo, and Blue Moon, plus cocktails like various mojitos, caipirinhas, and frozen drinks like Mudslides -- which're just one more reason to be glad you don't have to pay for half that wash.

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