Modestly, the greatest website about comics ever

Proving not just comics named Carlos Mencia can be totally, totally hilarious is Mad New World: a blog focused on those mutant-filled tomes that keep nerds warm at night and Hugh Jackman not strictly a song-and-dance man, run by three dudes (including one Miamian), who saw a void in the comic-blogging space and were inspired by the snarky approach taken by What Would Tyler Durden Do?, the answer to which of course is "bang Helena Bonham Carter really loudly". Some snippets from their coverage, which ranges from upcoming comic-movie news to more awesomely creative "thought" pieces like a discussion of what unemployed superhero sidekicks do:

On Banshee, No. 3 in their "Top 5 Gingers In Comics" "It's characters like Banshee that make me wonder what kind of acceptance criteria the X-Men are using. Banshee is a mutant with perhaps the lamest power ever written: being able to scream really loud. He also named himself after a mythical fairy woman and decided the best costume was a nightgown/ squirrel suit hybrid. This is clearly the work of a fire crotch mind in action."

From "Wonder Woman Looks a Little Sleazy" "I don't think anyone had huge expectations for the new Wonder Woman show on NBC but these new shots of Adrianne Palicki leave a lot to be desired -- even with our incredibly low standards. ... My first impression is she kinda looks like a discount stripper you got last minute for your buddy's 18th birthday who smokes and sobs while dancing as her kids wait in the car. Just my impression."

From "5 Superhero/Villain Costumes That Suck" "Generally, when those perverted comic artists create a new female character, she's unobtainably sexy, sporting watermelon breasts and no visible waist line. With Jubilee, it looks like if you had a little sister who kind of resembled Keanu Reeves and did her shopping at an '80s discount store."